Looking for a bright idea?

If your current outdoor lighting is just not lighting up your world as you'd like, ask about our options for expansion and upgrades.


Outdoor Lighting Possibilities

  • Re-lamp Halogen to LED and save money!
  • Accent, Path & Moon Lighting
  • Safety and Security Lighting
  • Holiday, Party or Event Lighting






Lighting Design and Installations

Add lighting to enhance your existing house, new construction, hardscape or masonry work. Our collaboration with your contractor early and often throughout the process will ensure a smooth experience in integrating your ideal lighting solutions.









Outdoor Lighting

Whether your looking to extend the use of your property when the sun goes down or just looking to add beauty at night, we can help!


Reclaim the use of your property at night and shed a welcoming light for your guests as they enter. Increase the safety of your home by providing light wherever needed while keeping potential thieves wondering if you're home.


You spend a lot to maintain your property and keep it looking beautiful. Take the steps to enjoy it well into the night.



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