Already have a system?


System Maintenance

Maintenance goes a long way! Neglecting your irrigation system without proper inspection or adjustments is like never changing the oil in your car. Quickly fixing issues found when the system is first turned on.


System Recharge & Winterization

We make sure your systems are properly turned on, heads are adjusted as needed and timers are set. If leaks or broken heads are found, we notify you of the issues and take the proper actions.


Systems also need to be properly shut-down in the Fall. Our compressors efficiently clear your system of any water to avoid freezing and damage over the winter months.






New Systems & Expansions


Have you always wanted an automatic watering system for your lawn and plants? Not sure where to start? We'll walk the property with you to address your concerns and provide a quote based on your system needs.


Your water needs may change as your landscape evolves. Ask us about expanding your existing system to cover new lawn additions and flower beds. 








Irrigation Services

Did you know that a  sprinkler system pays for itself over time?


A custom Irrigation System designed by Pungitore Irrigation & Fertilizer is the most efficient way to ensure that the exact amount of water for your lawns and landscape is delivered exactly where it is needed. As the amount on your water bill decreases, your property value goes up!


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